Exploding propane tanks might seem more like fantasy than anything else, and it is usually not on our minds when the steaks are making their way to the grill. Injury via our gas grills is just not at the forefront of our consciousness. In reality it should be, and it is an event that needs awareness and can easily be avoided. The National Fire Prevention Association states that there are 7,000 gas grill fires every year, and this number is increasing annually due to the 15,000,000 grills that are purchased by consumers each year.

Just one example comes from Byron Fuchs of West Palm Beach, Florida. The same year as the taco truck accident, Byron Fuchs, as well as millions of Americans and individuals throughout the United States, was grilling for a Fourth of July party at his home. Just like the Philadelphia incident, the last thing he was expecting was a Fourth of July that would leave him needing medical attention. Byron Fuchs bent over to light his propane barbecue when there was an explosion, marking the start of his awful experience. Not only was his entire body was engulfed in a burst of flames, but he suffered from severe skin loss.

Comparable to many individuals, Bryon left the propane on too long without igniting it. What he unfortunately did not realize at the time was that the gas inside the grill was building and condensing every second he did not ignite it, which James Novak of the St. Paul, Minnesota fire department voices is the most common mistake people make when grilling. When he was finally ready to start grilling it was too late. Fuchs got second-degree burns on his arms as well as other burns on his legs.

To the sixty- one percent of households that own a gas grill, the solution is actually quite simple. Although it is nearly impossible to predict the unpredictable, there are easy steps you could take to limit the risks. First, leave the lid in the open position before igniting it. This will allow any built up gas to dissipate. Secondly, make sure your propane valve is properly turned clockwise. It should be very tight before you walk away from your grill. The last easy step you can take to limit the risks of any grilling hazards is to be aware. Sixty percent of grill owners use their grills year-round, leaving the risk for a possible hazard to reoccur. As simple as it may sound, being aware of your situation is possibly the biggest tool we all can, and should, use.

Looking for a fun safety test? Spray all your hoses and connections with soapy water. If you see the soapy water bubbling you know there is a problem! Either fix it or get a new one.

This article is not meant to scare the millions of grillers daily, but to act as an educator and attention grabber. Be aware of your surroundings and minimize the countless risks that surround us with security. We want to help you here at The Marcucilli Agency. Give us a call at (877)-777-8522, we look forward to getting to know you!

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